Room 1 News

Last term Room 1 went to Nga Manu in Waikanae and had an awesome time. We were able to see a tuatara and actually got to touch it. It was fantastic. We watched the feeding of the eels and the children were allowed to touch the eels. Ms Wedlock declined the pleasure. 

Hi Everyone, Room 1 will be looking at the life cycle of a frog this week. Last week we looked at the life cycle of a chicken and Nita is helping us make a diagram about it.

We have planted a bean and we are watching it grow inside a see-through plastic cup. Most of our seeds have sprouted.

We have just finished writing a narrative about Marvin the sheep who gets really mad when his friend Molly eats a big apple that he wanted. 

Keep following this post as Ms Wedlock will post some pics of all the above soon.