Room 4 2014


Camp at Palm Grove! 

What a wonderful time Room 4 had at Palm Grove camp this week! It was an action-packed 2 days, where the children got to partake in lots of different activities and try many things for the first time! 

Some of the activities we did included:

swimming, water-slide, low ropes course, confidence course, archery, flying-fox, orienteering, trampolines, and many more games like spotlight! Everyone had a great time and the weather mostly behaved. Many thanks to Nita, Eli and Sam for their great help throughout our stay! 

Here are the winners of some of the camp prizes:

Most enthusiastic swimmer:  Letia

Archery: Ollie, Shikaia, Julyan

Best on low-ropes: Boys = Cyrus, Girls = Leomay

Orienteering winners: Boys = Raymoned & Maaka, Girls= Julyan & Katarina

Best helper: Priscilla

Tidiest cabin:  Cabin 1: Lavinia, Shikana, Katarina

Well done guys!

Here are a few pics to enjoy:

Swimming pool fun!


Getting ready to conquor the low-ropes course..











Leomay was very confident on the low-ropes!





Ollie enjoying the flying-fox..



Waterslide fun!


Maaka taking it in his stride..


Nervous faces from Enoka and Amosa







Go Raymoned!





Amosa conquoring his fears!


Having a break..
















Slowly but surely..


Lavinia's almost made it!

Maaka holding on for dear life..

Ollie showing the rest of us how it's done...


You almost got it Issac!


Wellington Zoo School Trip: 

On Wednesday the whole Junior School went to Wellington Zoo for a trip. We had a fantastic day exploring the animals and wandering around learning about lots of exotic and endangered animals. Each class had a learning session with one of the educators. Room 4 learnt about how animals are adapted to survive in the wild! What a great day out!



Thanks for Alenie from Levin Rugby for coming to train our class in Rippa Rugby today. It was our first session this year and the kids did great honing their rugby skills. We look forward to the next session....Here are the unbeaten Year 3/4 Taitoko B team! They never lost a game all season, drawing only once and winning all the rest! The final game yesterday was a close call against East A team, but we pulled away with a winning shot by Ollie to win 4-2!

From left are Raymoned, Leomay, Katarina, Cyrus and Ollie. (absent - Julyan)

Well done guys! I look forward to next year's season!This week we are learning about data collecting and how to use tally marks. We have been surveying the class and using tally marks to find out how many chips are in a small bag of chippies. Here are Room 4 in action.... 

 Kahurangi Dance Group! 

Here are some pics from the Kahurangi Dance Group who came and performed for the school today. They showed us dances from across the Pacific Islands: Hawa'ii, Tahiti, Samoa, Rarotonga and New Zealand...They were very enjoyable and so funny too! Everybody loved it! Thank you to them for coming to Taitoko School. 


Matariki is a group of stars called the Seven Sisters. Matariki is also the Maori name for the New Year. The stars appear in winter in late May or early June. If you look up towards Shannon you will see a small star and that is the oldest sister.  Then if you look very closely you will see six other stars and those six stars are her daughters.

By Lavinia


Here is Tommy showing the class his propeller which flew high into the sky. He made it using an electronic project kit which allows you to make all kinds of eletrical gadgets! Thanks for sharing it with us Tommy!

Here are some of the girls showing their times tables displays! Aren't they clever..!



Our weekly boxing class with Perry was great fun today! Room 4 are getting better and fitter each week. Here are the kids in action...

Here are some pictures of some Room 4 children trying on a police jacket during the police visit last week!


It is already the end of week 5 and Room 4 has been busy with working...

We were lucky enough to have the neighbourhood police team come and talk to the junior school about being a police person and what their job entails. They spoke to us about the entry requirements, training at police college, the different types of police you can be, like traffic police, educator, crime scene investigator and many more! They showed us their cool equipment they carry with them and allowed the kids to get in a police car and listen to the siren! Thank you to the Levin Neighbourhood Policing team for giving up their time to come ad talk to us. We learnt heaps! 


Today Mr Moss our lovely caretaker came in to our classroom to talk about being a plumber as part of our "Occupations" Inquiry unit. Mr Moss used to be a plumber before he came to work at Taitoko.

He wore his overalls and brought lots of interesting tools to show the class. Some kids had a turn at cutting plastic and copper pipes and playing with some of the other tools. It was really cool! Thanks Mr Moss! 

The miniball season kicked off yesterday with a Bang! We are so lucky to have new uniforms this year and so all our teams looked so smart. Here are the Year 3/4 Taitoko Team B before their first game! They are Katarina, Julyan, Leomay, Ollie, Cyrus and Raymoned.

We played a Levin East Team and won 12 - 0! Well done guys!

Wow! We are just about to launch into Term 2. The weather is cold, the skies are grey,  but Room 4 will be nice and warm and ready for a great term of learning ahead. 

What's happening this term?

Miniball games start on Thursday 15th May at the Levin Events Center. If your child is involved in these games, they will need to be at down at the courts in time for the start of their game.

Kapa Haka: This will be held during school on Thursdays

Boxing: Monday's after lunch

Maths: our focus for this term includes 'time' and mulitplication and division.

Writing: Information reports will be our main focus and later in the term we will look at pursuasive writing. 

Inquiry: "Occupations" is our topic and with this we will be learning how to research on the internet and select information from it.

Parent-Teacher interviews will be held later in the term, so keep an eye on the school newsletter for dates and times.  

I am looking forward to seeing all the children back at school on Monday! 

Louise Blatchford :)



i cant wait to go on a other trip yay!! fun again congrats on baby luciy if thts how to spell her name miss you mrs hope you come in some time and vist us with baby new born cant wait we all miss u and we are worired you might never come back..... so yeah miss you much ....................................... 2015 MAYBE 2017 TILL WE SEE YOU OR 2019 IM WORIRED.


room4 looks fit in boxing and at miniball we rock

from pearl

rm4 is cool and we rock my teacher is pretty and she still looks young shes pretty in the ouside and the inside shes the best teacher in the hole word shes cool.

from julyan

good work miniball team


keep going miniball team

Room 4

Look's like room 4 is having lots of fun this term. Wow, you all great especially you Mr Issac Pritchard and Prisilla, all dressed up in your police outfits :).


From Alana (Issac's Mum)

from pearl

look issac looks cool in the police outfit


good wok miniball team


yeah if jounoir team if you won great work keep going.=0

yeah haha

yeah haha


katarina and leomay look fit at bowing wow


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