Latest news from Room 2!

As we get closer to the end of the term, Room 2 is very hard at work. Everyone is working really hard at their daily writing which I am so proud of them for! They are just getting better and better!

We are also learning addition and subtraction this term and some fantastic learners in Room 2 are already working at Stage 4/5!! That's awesome kids!

Thanks to Pete we are having weekly basketball skills lessons which are every Thursday morning. 

School Cross-Country is kicking off this Friday at 2pm! The whole school has been training really hard, so the competition will be good. Parents, come down to the field to support our runners! 

The junior school is planning not one, but two, end-of-year treats for our classes. One is a trip to Waitarere Beach for the day (which was a great success last year!) and the other is a Christmas Roast dinner!  Look out for more information coming your way...

Term 4!!

Wow! Term 4 is here already! This means that everyone will be working extra hard at school in the run up to Christmas. 

Here are some things that Room 2 will be learning about this term:

Writing focus:  Narratives and letters to our friends and family.

Maths: Directions, positions & turns. Also 'area', and "addition and subtraction'

PE: small ball skills (bat and ball, rounders, cricket, throwing and catching) and cross-country

Plus much more...!

Please pop in to Room 2 before or after school to find out how you can support your child's learning at home this term!




This week the whole junior school went to Nga Manu Nature Reserve for the day. We were very lucky to see some tuatara which we learnt have been on earth since the time of the dinosaurs! Did you know that tuatara have 2 eyes on the back of their heads?

We got to gently stroke the scales on its back which felt prickly, soft and cold. After seeing the tuatara we watched the eels being feed and did a bush walk through the natural bush. We saw different types of ferns and native trees and birds. There were lots of ducks, pukekos, swans, geese and much more!

It was a wonderful day for everyone!!








The guide spoke to us about the eels and she fed them something that looked like dog food!






The guide fed the eels while we watched them slipping and sliding around the pond. We learnt that eels can slide over land. The largest eel at Nga Manu is 2 meters long!








Enjoying the eel feeding at Nga Manu!







The children got to touch the slippery, slimy eels!









Room 2 children looked throught the avaries at Nga Manu. Here they are in the kakariki parrot enclosure:






The wonderful kea that we saw in the avairy at Nga Manu:








Room 2 children enjoying their lunch at Nga Manu Nature Reserve!







Last Friday saw the start of "Milk in School" at Taitoko. Here are some of Room 2 enjoying their drinks!


Every Friday morning Room 2 has Discovery Time! This is a time of activitiy based play where children get to explore and learn through a variety of hands-on activities... Here is Room 1 and 2 in action!

Discovery Time fun!