Room 6 Test Run

So we are just trialling re establishing our class blogs.  Mrs Ainlie is particularly keen.



Room 4 2014


Camp at Palm Grove! 

What a wonderful time Room 4 had at Palm Grove camp this week! It was an action-packed 2 days, where the children got to partake in lots of different activities and try many things for the first time! 

Some of the activities we did included:

Room 1 News

Last term Room 1 went to Nga Manu in Waikanae and had an awesome time. We were able to see a tuatara and actually got to touch it. It was fantastic. We watched the feeding of the eels and the children were allowed to touch the eels. Ms Wedlock declined the pleasure. 

Hi Everyone, Room 1 will be looking at the life cycle of a frog this week. Last week we looked at the life cycle of a chicken and Nita is helping us make a diagram about it.

We have planted a bean and we are watching it grow inside a see-through plastic cup. Most of our seeds have sprouted.

Latest news from Room 2!

As we get closer to the end of the term, Room 2 is very hard at work. Everyone is working really hard at their daily writing which I am so proud of them for! They are just getting better and better!

We are also learning addition and subtraction this term and some fantastic learners in Room 2 are already working at Stage 4/5!! That's awesome kids!

Thanks to Pete we are having weekly basketball skills lessons which are every Thursday morning. 

To open power points

To view the power points click on slide show and then click on start to view the whole thing. Press escape button on your keyboard to get out. I enjoyed doing these powerpoints. I hope you all like them too.

Room 3 blog

Hi Room 3. We're on the web at last! I'm still playing around with this blog entry and I have created some cool powerpoints but at this point in time I am unable to upload them. Sigh.




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